Special Report from the Capitol -- Evaluation Survey Results
by Margaret Ciccarelli on 1/17/2013

Thanks to all of those who participated in the PAGE Survey regarding the new evaluation process. We received more than 2,000 responses!

The responses and the additional comments will be of great benefit as the legislative session begins and we can offer a sense of how the process is working in schools across the state.


Some survey response highlights:


The participants covered a range of experience, with 42.5% having 6-15 years of classroom experience and another 38.3% having 16-30 years of experience.


Grade levels were well represented, with 27.7% from K-2, 30.2% from grades 3-5, 23.2% from grades 6-8 and 26.1% with assignments in grades 9-12


When it came to new evaluation system vs. the former one, 72.5% of respondents found the former system to be effective or somewhat effective.


The new system, a part of the Race to the Top grant, received less support: 51.1% feel it is ineffective or somewhat ineffective while 48.5% believe it to be effective or somewhat effective.


There was not much support for student surveys with 76.8% of respondents feeling uncomfortable and non-trusting of such surveys or feeling at least somewhat so.


Parent surveys were much better received with 49.7% calling them useful or somewhat useful. A slight majority, 50.3% said they would not be useful.


Using student test scores for evaluation was not popular with 76.1% saying they would be uncomfortable or somewhat so if they were used.


However, a full 76.8% suggested their comfort with being evaluated using portfolios of student work.


Asked to define some of the elements of a perfect evaluation system, educators in the survey suggested portfolios of educator work (58.9%) and also use of portfolios of student work (58.2%).

Peer review (46.6%) was a third frequently noted element.

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