Legislation Assigned to the Senate Finance Committee (4)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/7/2024

HB 0032 HotAlternate Transport with locla board opt in Dave Belton
4/21/2021 Effective Date 2021-07-01 Education Finance -
School Safety Transportation
HB 0517 WatchTuition Grants and Scholarship obligations John Carson
4/28/2022 Effective Date 2022-07-01 Education Finance -
Finance - Funding
inlcude earned interest
HR 0732 WatchTwelve Month payback of TAN Charles Martin
4/1/2022 Senate - Senate Tabled Governmental Affairs Finance -
Accountability Finance - Funding Finance - Taxation
SB 0213 PassedContracts and Purchases by Public Schools; payment on guaranteed energy saving contracts; proceeds from local option sales taxes collected for educational purposes; provide Tyler Harper
5/4/2021 Effective Date 2021-07-01 Education Finance -
Finance - Funding
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